Where to buy

Milk vending machine

Our milk vending machine is operational 24 hours a day, even during the holidays when the shops are closed. You could buy most of our products here. However, for technical reasons, some of the products cannot be made available for sale through the automatic vending machine.


Several e-shops offer distribution of our products. These are non-contractual traders who provide distribution as per their individual capacities. For example, www.klaudius.sk, www.farmove.sk or www.yeme.sk 


Visit the YEME food store network or e-shop at www.yeme.sk 

Independent retailers  

In addition to theabove options, our products are offered by several independent retailers, especially in the regions of Žiar nad Hronom, Prievidza, and Bratislava (along with its surrounding areas). These are mostly farm shops that also vend bakery products, health-food shops or small local morning stores.